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Credit Checking

Being in business always involves some risk but you can minimise the risks by using our free company credit check service.

Everyone wants to avoid a bad debt, and setting up a good credit control system is vital for any business.  

We can provide you with the information to improve the odds on your financial success:

  • Evaluate a company's stability 

  • Assess whether a firm should be allowed credit 

  • Check if a company can pay its bills 

  • Consider payment patterns

  • Recommended credit and contract limits 

  • Risk scores 

  • County Court Judgement records for six years 

  • Mortgage reports 

  • Payment performance 

Ask About Business has access to:


The Creditsafe database has information on 4.4 million UK companies. The information within Creditsafe reports is sourced directly from Companies House, The Registry Trust and the London & Edinburgh Gazette. 
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We can tell you the current and previous credit score within minutes! 


Credit scores and ratings for the largest 2.4 million UK companies, plus accounts, ratios, activities, ownership and management. Create tailored lists of similar types of companies based on your own information needs, Peer group analysis across industries also available.

Available at OldhamStockport, & Tameside libraries. 

COBRA also has reports on Credit Control