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Protect Your Idea

Everyone owns IP. What do you own?

Find out why managing and protecting your IP is important for business success.

Registered Designs

Discover how Bradadoo sought early advice and protected their innovation using registered designs.


Discover how Video Wales understand copyright and use it to protect their creativity.


Discover how ChilliPeeps sought early advice and decided to protect their innovation using patents.


Discover how FireAngel sought early advice and protected their innovation using trade marks.


Aardman Animations help you understand licensing and using IP rights to protect your creativity.

Visit the Business & Intellectual Property Centre

Knowledge of intellectual property (IP) can help you to protect your ideas and develop them to reap financial gain. The Business and Intellectual Property Centre (BIPC) at Manchester Central Library has resources and workshops that will provide you with an introduction to this subject and help to guide you through the four types of intellectual property: Patents, Trade marks, Registered designs and Copyright.