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AirTeem logo

airTeem® was formed by Ryan Godwin and Matthew Kendall to rebrand and promote the body dryer concept developed by Ryan Godwin’s father, Michael Godwin in 1991 in Greater Manchester.

Matthew has used many of the services at the Business & IP Centre in Manchester Central Library to help grow the business:

Intellectual Property support:

Matthew started to attend the monthly Inventor’s Group, initially for networking purposes and to investigate protecting the company’s Intellectual Property (IP).
Thanks to the information received via the group and at IP & Patent clinics in the Business & IP Centre, Airteem were able to successfully register several product designs and now hold 5 UK trademarks.

Business Information & Workshops:

‘We used Mintel to conduct market research to help drive our UK marketing...and attended several workshops and networking events including ‘20 Online Tools For Business’..’ 

3D printing:

‘The library’s 3D printing service has allowed us to conduct research and development for our European market and development of the next body dryer. Manchester Metropolitan University designed the section required which the library team, with use of its 3D printer, then printed several sections for our trials. This helped us to secure more markets in the EU and contributed to research for the next body dryer’

Industry standard creative software:

‘We produced brochures and other graphics in house and were able to produce publications at reduced costs so saved money. We also produced graphics for our website so it can be constantly changing and updating and be more flexible’


airTeem® have a national, European and global distributing network which, with the help of the Library’s new meeting room and videoconference facility, they have been able to develop and maintain their network which requires close working relationships with all their partners.