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IP Magnet

Join us for the IP Magnet Challenge!

9 - 5, Saturday, 12th March
Google Digital Garage, Central Library

The IP Magnet Challenge is a one day Intellectual Property data hackathon/ idea development day

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Aim of the hackathon

“How can we make use IP data more useful to make small businesses and entrepreneurs?”

Who can enter?
If you are a developer, a designer, an idea generator, a startup, IP expert or if you simply have an interest in patents and trademarks, join us at the IP Magnet Challenge.  Come and share your ideas or maybe start a new collaboration.

Bring a laptop; beginners are always welcome.

The Winner:

At the end of the day, each entrant or team will give a three-minute presentation on their project and the winner will be chosen by the judging panel during the next week.
The Best Idea Winner will win a contract to develop the idea into a working prototype.

Why are we doing this?

It’s part of an effort to make intellectual property data more useful and accessible for small businesses, entrepreneurs and interested individuals. On the day you’ll be able to analyse newly released IP data, including trademark and patent data.
You can find out more information about IP from the Intellectual Property Office

The library will provide data sets, including newly released trademark and patent data from the UK Intellectual Property Office. Participants can choose the data they are most interested in to create their project. Because of the limited time teams have to work on their projects, the focus of the event will be more on ideas and concepts rather than working prototypes, though we hope some projects will make it to that stage.

The data:

The data covers 0 patent and trademark records, patent registrations, and trademark applications. 
Here is the data we have identified to use so far:

* Trade Mark Journal data
* Trade Mark open data
* Patent data
* Patent Journal data

If you have any questions about this event please email:

Manchester Libraries are working with the IPO, Dave Rowe of Libraries Hacked plus Let’s Go Global to stage the event.